Monday, April 7, 2008

Cauterizing Political Platforms

Sadly, my class with Curt Haworth was the last dance class I have taken. My priority of securing an income with a steady full time job has taken front seat to dance class attendance. This is due to the fact that the average dance class in the DC area costs $16. Buying class cards are usually a much better deal, but only if they don't expire and you fully intend to use every last class you bought. $16 becomes $48 a week if I take three dance classes. The creditors are closing in on me and my free-pass-because-I'm-a-student-ride is officially over. In a semi-regular call to transfer more credit into my checking account to pay bills, I was not only denied the money I requested, but my credit was cut back by $2,000. Fair enough because I am really not supposed to be living off credit, but now the desperation to secure employment becomes even more necessary.

So in my continuing saga of the job search I have been to three interviews last week and worked two temp jobs. Interestingly enough, last Tuesday I worked as a medical assistant at a dermatology office in Vienna. This involved constantly chasing the doctor from room-to-room to examine the skin of a variety of men and women old enough to be my grandparents and crusted with "barnacles." Despite its reminder to me of a dormant great whale, I assure you that "barnacle" is a medical term and made me laugh a little each time I heard it. Most of the patients were being checked for signs of skin cancer, but possible basil cells were removed in a punch biopsy which I saw and then witnessed the stitches closing the gaping hole. I also had the fantastic opportunity to witness a surgery removing basil cell carcinoma- the most deadly skin cancer. This lasted longer because it involved cutting out a deeper layer, cauterizing the open wound, and then closing with stitches again. This wasn't too disgusting, but I did get worried that I may faint due to the heat in the room. I had happily forgotten about the experience until I went home that evening and decided to help my boyfriend cook hamburgers on the grill and was reminded of the sound of cauterizing flesh. Great experience of a paid workday, but I declined the full time job offer in hopes of finding a less career-track job in a place that I wouldn't be so exposed to the probability of getting warts.

Somewhere down the road, I agreed to interview with a temp agency, Robert Half International, and accepted a temp job for this week. Today was my first day at the temp job that I was informed would involve helping Julien Modica (D) in his campaign to run for U.S. Senate. I have heard about the process of campaigning before so I openly asked my recruiter if this job would involve petitioning for signatures. "No," he replied, "nothing like that." He said it would be organizing the already collected signatures and also doing administrative work including scheduling, typing, and answering phones. With the decent pay that was offered and the party affiliation that Modica is a Democrat, I agreed to help for the week. So guess what i found myself doing at 10AM this morning... petitioning for signatures at George Mason University to get Modica on the ballot for the Democratic Primary on June 10. All of my coworkers were also from the same temp agency and had also received very incorrect information as to what the job would entail. i hated when people in the quad used to be doing political crap and chasing me down, I would often walk far around them or fake a phone call just to get through there as quick as possible and once again I find myself doing a job that I have always been against.

But I just said, "What the hell!? It's a job for the week, and its guaranteed to be a memorable experience." So besides the fact that it was freezing cold and half drizzling wet, I managed to get a good amount of signatures. It definitely helped that I was comfortable at my Alma Mater and ran into many of my friends or old acquaintances that I recognized. But I think I reeled most people in with my cute hair and adorable smile. So Mason was so successful as a place of gathering signatures that we are planning to go back again tomorrow morning and try all over again. We will be there approximately all day, but definitely in the morning and noon time. Please come out and help petition if you are a registered VA voter. It's not a promise to vote for him, it's just giving Modica a chance on the ballot for Senate.

Maybe I'll learn so much in this one week, that I'll be able to run for office and make some positive changes to benefit the dance population. Here are some of the campaign platforms that I would support if I were in office; more dance curriculum in public schools, better foreign policy with Cuba to allow the dance program that Jim Lepore loves, better health care support for independent artists, and capping the tuition rates for college students. I also strongly oppose affirmative action. I think it is outdated and unnecessary- it's basically reverse discrimination and personally all it has done is harm me from getting things I needed to fund a college education like certain financial aid and scholarships.

My mother always told me that God never gives you more than you can handle, so even if I was mislead to get to this place, maybe it will prove to be a valuable and useful experience. And plus at least he is a Democrat.

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