Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday

The weekend in New York was like a breath of fresh air. Just the sound of night air in NYC is specific to its location. Some of my trip highlights include bubble tea, escargot, squid, octopus, and a Sunday afternoon dance class at Dance New Amsterdam. All of the above were firsts for me except the bubble tea and the dance class. I absolutely loved the escargot; the squid and octopus were bearable, but made me a little sqeamish.

My Dance New Amsterdam Intermediate Modern class was taught by Curt Haworth. Curt taught a gestural class. We did do full body movement, but I found that the focus for this Easter Sunday class combination happened to revolve around a gesture phrase that could be interpreted 360 different ways. Curt was very receptive to the students' input and feedback. He was encouraging, challenging, and a pleasure to learn from.

I love waking up in New York City.

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