Friday, March 21, 2008

seven days closer

Proudly, in the past week, I have taken three dance classes now. Not exactly the model dancer, but its a step up from doing absolutely nothing. Last Thursday, I took Intermediate Jazz at Joy of Motion in Friendship Heights with Maurice Johnson. I just love Maurice's jazz class, the warm up is extremely effective and high energy. And his end of class combination is always a mixture of jazz, modern, and lyrical. Its heartfelt and often evokes thoughts well after I have left the class.

Last Saturday, I met as scheduled with Jenn and the JRuhl Dance Krew to rehearse the modern piece we are collaboratively choreographing. No details yet as to our debut performance, but I believe the venue we are looking at for this performance will be an upcoming choreography showcase in the spring at Dance Place. I truly love what this piece is becoming. I am also so excited to be apart of Jenn's company because I am confident that she has the leadership abilities to make something happen.

On Monday, St. Patrick's Day, I took an Adult Advanced Beginner Ballet class at Maryland Youth Ballet, with Michelle Lees, my occasional ballet teacher at Mason. I decided to ease into ballet with this class since it had been a couple months since my last ballet class. If nothing else, the class served as a reminder as to exactly how out of shape I am. My calves really felt it the next day. But it put the ballet bug in my head and three days later on Thursday, I found myself back at MYB to take an Intermediate class with Patrick Doyle, a sweet man that teaches a mentally stimulating ballet class.

So I think my next dance class will be somewhere in New York City, my favorite city. I am leaving to go there this afternoon, just for the weekend. I will probably take class at the Dance New Amsterdam studio, I always love the classes I take there.

As for the job hunt, I have two medical receptionist interviews for the upcoming week. I also interviewed with a temp agency yesterday, Robert Half, in Tysons Corner. So hopefully of all those possibilities, I can start to have an income really soon.

I have also recently decided to revisit the Senior Synthesis book, Creating a Life Worth Living. I am reevaluating my original after college plans to incorporate the things that really matter to me at the moment. I am also giving thought to finishing my public school dance teaching certification. I'm only about three classes away from completing that, so I might as well. If nothing else, it will be a steady income to support my continued training as I save funds to support myself in New York City.

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