Thursday, March 13, 2008

no one's looking

I have decided finally, after two months of stillness, to take two dance classes this evening. Dance is not an artform I can casually pick up like a hobby and then put in the back of my closet for a rainy day. I believe Nietsche once said, "A day without dance is a day wasted." I have wasted far too many days and one begins to wonder, how many days do I have to waste before I cannot say I am a dancer, but rather I used to be a dancer.

I have been sending my resume every way the wind blows but crossing my fingers that I can specifically land a dance or arts-related job. I do want to stay in this area however for the time being. So the job hunt continues, and on that note I leave you with yet another quote...

"Happiness is a journey not a destination, work like you dont need money, love like you never been hurt, and dance like no ones looking." -Buddha

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