Thursday, May 15, 2008

New York City, NY...

I am moving at the end of July for sure, but happily sooner if I get one of the many jobs I have applied for. I have applied to dance companies, dance organizations, and tour booking companies. I have received responses from three. One is considering having me come to New York for an interview. And the other two responded to let me know they received my resume and are reviewing it as we speak. Each day, I search for new administrative and management jobs with a dance affiliated organization.

As soon is something becomes available, I blast my best, most polished cover letter in that direction altered to fit the exact needs of that company. The truth is, until I committed to moving to New York and beginning a dance administrative career, I never realized how much experience I actually had. I am confident that the right thing will come my way at the right time. But meanwhile, I am loitering the job ads. Something that the world of dance is lacking right now is help with writing dance-related cover letters and resumes. I have noticed resume tips aimed at dancers seeking performance careers, however there isn't much help available in the way of dance administration. I plan to change that in upcoming posts with examples of cover letters I have written.

Housing... is another road bump. I have found on Craigslist several decent two bedroom apartments in the Brooklyn area. Brooklyn is about twenty minutes away from Manhattan and conveinient if you have train access. Surprisingly, the prices for monthly rent are not too far off from what I have been paying in the Northern Virginia area. I realize it would be for a smaller space, but being a young women in the beginning of her professional career is all about sacrifice. I don't know where the money for a sudden move would be coming from either. I just know that when I need it, it will come to me. In the meantime, I am working as much as possible to stay ahead of the current bills that are rolling in. Thankfully my car will be paid off in two months (woohoo!) but then I also start paying back my student loans (boo!).

Karen, Hasan (my boyfriend), and I are traveling to the City in a week for Memorial Day Weekend. We will be arriving Thursday night and coming home Sunday or Monday. Thankfully, the generous, Dr. Madhu Boppanna, has offered his humble abode in Chelsea as a place to stay. We have all day Friday and Saturday to look at apartments. If I am lucky enough to have anyone schedule me for an interview, it could happen on that Friday. But realistically, if they wanted me there in three hours, I would make that happen too.

Having this new New York project is exciting and makes me so hopeful for what is to come in my career. I feel so good about taking a step in this direction. It feels right... and I like that feeling.

In other current events... tomorrow is GRADUATION DAY!!!!!!
I'm so excited and I just can't hide it! I am sending out graduation announcements today also. I am extremely proud to announce this to my family, since I am the first person in my family to graduate from college. (Go Me!). I am looking forward to carrying on the GMU Dancers tradition of walking across the Concert Hall stage barefoot. My callused feet will glide across the marley surface one last time in honor of the days I danced before the college audience. It is the closing of one chapter and beginning of another.

Saturday is judgement day for Jenn Ruhl Kubilis' Dance Company. We have our first audition for an upcoming showcase after about half a year of work to mature the company. Look out DancePlace, here we come!

Until next time, dance like your life depends on it.

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