Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So Whats Next?

2008 is a NEW YEAR! My past month post graduation has been a wonderful vacation. After spending some time with my family over Christmas, I began my travels with a venture to New York City to celebrate the New Year. Unfortunately I was unable to see any dance performances but I did make it to take a modern class at Dance New Amsterdam. Being in New York always makes me feel at home, so I began my year with a resolution to make the move to the Big Apple this year.

After I returned from New York, I set out for Denver, Colorado. While I was unable to dance during that trip, I did learn how to ski. The body coordination of learning to control my body on skis was a fearful and exhilarating challenge. But after a day of lessons in Beaver Creek and two days of practicing at Vail, I managed to accomplish full green and blue runs.

Current dance projects include my ongoing rehearsals with J Ruhl Dance Krew, led by GMU dance alum, Jenn Ruhl Kubilis herself. We have been on a brief holiday break, but rehearsals are now resuming. The upcoming months should bring some promising performances from this group.

Another current project is the
New Genre Dance Festival in Tulsa, OK. I am excited to be apart of this project and will release more details as to what this entails as they unfold. This work is currently being coordinated by fellow dance alum, Kathleen Larrick.

As far as my own professional endeavors are concerned. The best solution to my monetary struggles is the temporary solution of finding a full-time job. Moving to New York requires funding and planning. Working full-time for right now will give me the means and buy me the time to plan my big move. The job hunt continues....

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