Monday, August 27, 2012

Kickstart the CityDance FreshVisions!

There is still time to help fund the production of an amazing night of dance, featuring the works of CityDance staff. That means that many of the dancers you see performing on the night of the show are the same ones who created the pieces in the show.  These choreographers share their evening of fresh visions; works from a new point of view. The choreographers featured in the concert include Juliana Calderon, Ivy Chow, Sarah Ewing, Junichi Fukuda, Julie Gerdes Becnel, Kaitlin Madzelan, Robert Priore, Michelle Sarson, Elizabeth Terschuur, Monique Walker and Daniel H. Zook.

Here's how you can help...

For Graham's sake, give a couple dollars if you love dance. This is the future of dance in the DC Metro area. And at least 'share' this post or the kickstarter video below with everyone you know. I would really love to see this campaign succeed.

And now for your viewing pleasure... a tantalizing sneak peek inside the minds of the mad artists.


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AConnorsMerino said...

I am so happy to report that this kickstarter campaign was a huge success and not only met their goal but EXCEEDED! How awesome is that?!