Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dance Animation Program with Doug Fox

Doug Fox gave an interview for Dancing on the Edge about his upcoming program.

On Wednesday, February 11, 2009, Doug Fox (of Great Dance Blog) will be screening videos as part of Ana Brady Nuse’s program at Kinetic Cinema.

The project first began one year ago when he started studying animation and dance. He started by teaching himself on the 3D animation software, Maya. When he became more interested he started to learn animating terminology, then researching specifically dance in animation.

“The program has two aspects to it; creative and practical,” Doug explained.

“I would like to take the project out on the road offering it to all types of organizations and festivals. Perhaps create a screening program in an educational setting such as Universities teaching students about the tools, software, and technologies.”

“For dancers, it raises the points of how animation relates to dance and how these different techniques can render the body in animation.”

Here is a sneak peek of a clip being shown at the program; a collaboration with Bill T. Jones.
Ghostcatching by The OpenEndedGroup

How do you envision motion capture technologies further integrating with concert dance?

So few dancers have experimented with these technologies, because there aren’t enough opportunities out there. The equipment is expensive and unique and its also difficult work. It can be challenging to get everyone together with the same expertise. Also so little has been done for exploring dance movement in a systematic way. But I think that there is room for much more experimenting and research.

Thank you so much for the interview, Doug. And see you all at the screening.

The Videos I am most looking forward to are The Triplets of Belleville which is currently not available to view online. Released in US by Sony Pictures Classics. Courtesy of New Yorker Films.

And I'm also looking forward to hearing more about the video for Wanderlust by Bjork in collaboration with the dancers of Misnomer Dance Theater.

For more information, here's Doug Fox's Multimedia Guide

Dance Animation Program at Chez Bushwick
Wednesday, February 11th at 7:00 pm
part of Anna Brady Nuse's monthly Kinetic Cinema program.


Kathleen said...

This topic is so interesting. I love the work of OpenEndedGroup. I interviewed Paul Kaiser in college. He was great to give me info about his projects. Let me know what you think about the screenings~

aconnor1 said...

The screenings were great, it was nice to watch them on a much bigger screen. And it was interesting to discuss. Chez Bushwick has a nice atmosphere. And the Bill T is one of my favorites!

Centenial College said...

Dance in Animation is so creative!! Maya is such a wonderful software for animation!! I will used it for character animation!!

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