Tuesday, December 23, 2008


The past four months have been of little blogging and lots of working. My internship with Parsons Dance is 3/4 of the way complete. It will be culminating in a big 2 week company run at the Joyce Theater January 6-18, and it's not too late for you to buy tickets! During this time I will be working to assist with production and backstage needs to assure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

So whats next for me? I wish I knew. My compass is leaning towards choreography once again ( I am feeling the itch...) I have begun taking steps to apply for several different choreography initiatives that would allow me to produce new works for concerts in New York City. My research feelers are also out to figure out the best places for renting rehearsal space. Dancers looking for opportunities in New York stay tuned!

At the same time, I am still in need of a full time job. With the internship ending in less than a month the resumes and cover letters are flying out in every direction. (ouch... papercut) But seriously, could I have picked a worse time in the economy to be job hunting?? I think not. I'm not worried though because I still have my waitressing job at Arte Pasta to pay the bills. When the right job comes along, it will find me.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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