Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Paying my Dues

I know you are just dying to know how the new internship with Parsons is going….

It is going great! I love the atmosphere and the people. The first project that I began was archiving and helping to transfer the VHS videos to DVDs. Two big benefits of this task were learning how to use the software, iMovie HD and iDVD, as well as getting to watch the pieces as they were recording to the computer. This is a huge undertaking to switch the entire collection (over 700 videos). And they are also being edited somewhat as well, so it does take some time. After the completion of the upgrade, the VHS tapes are being donated to the Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts. I estimate that this will take several months.

Last Wednesday I also had the pleasure of watching a company rehearsal for the piece Fill the Woods With Light, which is being performed in the upcoming season at the Joyce Theater. Fill the Woods With Light is a jazzy sounding and technologically innovative work. It experiments with the placement of stage lights being carried onstage by some dancers to illuminate a series of seductive solos. As I was watching it, all I could think was that I wish I thought of this! (At the time it was more like “I know I’ve thought of this- but now I’m seeing it- and it was done by someone else!” But of course it was really just some artsy déjà vu translating to “I wish I thought of this.”) Hence why I feel privileged and excited to be helping prepare for the upcoming Joyce Season.

Monday was a day of errands. Mail proposals at the post office, make a deposit at the bank, return extra shoes to the Capezio Store, return some flashlights to Home Depot, go to Marymount Manhattan and pick up a DVD, and grab Willi's new business cards on the way back. It was a great chance for me to familiarize myself with the city…. considering I got lost at least five times.

A large part of the interns' responsibilities is to keep social networking sites such as Myspace, Facebook, and Flickr up to date with any new photos. (I didn't even know they was on these sites) It is amazing how many more people the company is reaching by exposing themselves to these online communities. Uploading pictures and accepting friend requests is actually something with which I do have experience.

Below are some photos to show you where I work.

Times Square is so glitzy… Love it!

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