Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Note About My Dance Reviews

As a follow up to the Fall for Dance Review, I just wanted to mention a couple notes.

Purposely, my reviews are becoming more descriptive and slightly less poetic. I want the dances to resonate to people who maybe didn't even see the show and not just mentioning the highlights to remind those who did see it. Also, for me to babble endlessly about what the choreographer's intent may have been is borderline presumptuous.

I also realize that my reviews can be lengthy at times, but I don't care. The beauty of having a dance blog is that I have the freedom to take as many words as I want without the limitations of editors trying to fit advertisements on the same page as my reviews. So if it looks like too much for you to read- feel free to skim and stop in the places that catch your eye.

Otherwise, do as I do and luxuriate in the descriptions of dance!

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