Monday, September 15, 2008

Make it Rain!

Happily I begin working tomorrow as a server and bartender at Artepasta in the West Village. It is such a relief to have some type of income. Now I can continue to search for a part time internship with a dance company so I can gain the right NYC experience for my career in the arts.

Special thanks to Daniel Puneky (or rather Nikki Nax) for connecting me with the manager to get the job. As they say, employment is about who you know rather than what you know.

More updates to come... ciao!


Brendan said...

Good luck with the new job tomorrow Amber! I think Donny and I are going to be coming up in a few weeks so hopefully I will see you pretty soon. Maybe we can come up to your restaurant and you can make us some drinks.


mah mah mah myyy sherona said...

ALL ABOUT WHO YOU KNOW!!! looking sooooo HOT my forehead seeps sweat and my stomach aches. gosh i miss you.