Friday, February 1, 2008

I got the JOB!!!

For anyone following my life via blog, you will be pleased to know that I was offered the position with MacArthur Associates and I accepted. I will begin work on February 18. Until then I am trying to finish the choroeography for the session of Young Actor's Theatre that I have already begun. Their tech and performance week will be my second week of the new job, so I think I can manage to squeeze that into my days.

Glory Days will be fine without me. There has been such a huge turnover in workers there lately that I hardly recognize any of my co-workers anymore.

Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend the New Genre Festival with Kathleen since they are departing on a Wednesday and I don't want to take time off work when I am about to begin this new job. However, I will still be posting updates here on the blog. And I have already been told that she found another dancer to join the group, George Mason undergraduate, Allie Linn. Best of luck to the dancers and (the) giants of gender.

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