Monday, February 25, 2008

12 Degrees of Seperation

Twelve Days since my last post equals far too long. Besides the obvious reason, that my readers grow restless with the lack of new material, is the broader spectrum. So much can change in twelve days. In twelve days, I went from Reston to New York and back again. I began a new job at MacArthur Associates, and I even survived a visit from my parents. The trip to New York was phenomanal! Extremely memorable was the experience of seeing the New york City Ballet for the first time. A great thing about NYC is the flexability of spontanaity to see shows on a whim. I had not planned to see the show, but a touchscreen news ticker in a taxi cab revealed the NYCB upcoming performance a day before the show, and I couldn't resist a show in the city. Expect a review of the performance to follow.

Equally spontaneous and artistically rewarding, was a performance art show that I saw on a day of whim, called "FuerzaBruta." Literally translated, the Argentinian show title means, "a brute force." The show was recomended to me by a friend in New York who insisted that I not research or attempt to YouTube the show in the slightest. Nothing anyone could have told me would have prepared me for the incredibly dynamic and colorful display I witnessed that evening. I would normally link the title of the show to a website demonstrating exactly how fantastic this performance was. But I recommend that you, the reader, do the same if at all possible. See the show with no sneak peaks, just know to expect the unexpected and spectacular.

Another reason I have delayed the blog recently, was the confusion and exhaustion of beginning my new job at MacArthur Associates. With a 45-minute commute, I am working 12-hour days in a field that is extremely challenging. Not only am I dealing with IT, specifically software developers, but a large portion of my job entails sales. After a week at the new job, I am just now beginning to be more comfortable with speaking to new companies. The first few painfully nerving calls seemed borderline impossible to complete because of my intense adrenaline rush and extremely fast beating heart. It's an understatement to say that I am still adjusting to this new career.

However, despite my full time workweek, I fully intend to continue with my dance training. My class goal for this week is to attend two dance classes. I will most likely go to Joy of Motion since I have been riding the metro to work each day. I'm completely dead tired... as we speak.

*Coming Soon*
Review of New York City Ballet weekend performance
DC Dances, a current dance improv video I am developing

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