Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dancing at Mason

Dancing on the Edge is the name of my favorite book, by Han Nolan. I read the book in middle school and it was my first exposure to modern dance. The book is not about a famous modern dancer, but rather a troubled youth who is able to express her bottled confusion and anger through the freedom and rawness of modern dance. The name is sacred to me because it led me to discovering modern dance for myself which has opened up worlds of possibilities. My life would be unrecognizable without modern dance. It has helped me overcome a lot of pain, it led me to meet both the most psychotic and most compassionate people. However, I would not change anything. I love all the questions that dance has raised in my mind. It has become my window through which I interpret the world.

Coming to George Mason was the most life-changing decision I have ever made... good thing I made the right choice. Mason was my top-choice school simply because it was somewhat close to my home in Winchester, and I was remarkably impressed with the dance program. The facilities alone are breathtaking. And they are even about to be renovated! The faculty had world-class performing experience when I came into the program, and they did nothing but impress me with their teaching abilities the longer I have been here. Well, I shouldn't say nothing, the other thing they have done is inspire. They inspired me to create choreography and they inspired me to create this blog. The faculty and people I have met here have all inspired me to do everything I am about to do in the so-called "real world" after Mason. I have been here now for 4 and a half years. My last day of classes is December 7, 2007. After that... well you will just have to wait and see!

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Tour of '03 (Steve Klein) said...

This is wonderful, Amber. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.
If I can say so, I am VERY PROUD of you ... :)